EH&S Partnership Retainers

EnviroSafe currently works with dozens of organizations regarding EH&S support services. These EH&S support services include assistance with training, audits, written programs, and technical support. These support service agreements are referred to as "Retainers". The Retainer partnerships are offered as full time EH&S support and part time EH&S support that can be flexible and setup weekly, monthly or quarterly. This partnership concept supplements existing EH&S departments or can even function as primary EH&S department as needed. Retainers offer an affordable option that works for any size organization. .

Specialized Solutions to assist your organization's preparedness


Crisis Management

As the concepts of Preparedness and Resiliency evolve they extend beyond the reach of government sponsored Emergency Management Programs. Many employees are finding themselves asked to wear an additional hat.  A hat that makes them responsible for plans, policies, procedures and acronyms they have never been asked to deal with. For example regulations like the "Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers and Suppliers"  gives these 17 healthcare types until November of this year to implement the major components of an Emergency Management Program.  What will you do to ensure compliance with regulations like these, or take a proactive approach before you are regulated to create a prepared and resilient environment?